We operate in four areas:



Access to the wholesale electricity and gas markets, guarantees the savings to member companies.

We offer companies the means to select electricity and natural gas supply prices which best meet their needs; to evaluate risk appetite based on reference market trends and their own energy use profile. We deal directly with suppliers to obtain the best market conditions, avoiding information gaps between suppliers and individual Consortium members, obtaining a price in line with quotes of reference products. We also review contracts and offers to guarantee signatory companies the correct conditions in contractual and economic terms, i.e. which are closest to their budget needs. Purchasing is not limited to finding the best conditions, but continues throughout the year, with monthly checks of contract supply prices, and the monitoring of cost components that are not supplier-dependent (fees, surcharges, excise duties, transport, distribution, etc.).



Monthly budget of energy costs, consumption data, market overview, updated regulations..

Through our web portal, companies can access supply data at any time, such as monthly budgets for costs, figures on use in real time, market overviews and legal developments. From our portal, it is also possible to monitor electricity and natural gas use in real time, and check and be alerted when some supply parameters, such as power or reactive energy, are off scale, as well as obtain information on legal developments in the sector and market trends. More generally, our web portal is an easy-to-use platform to access all information about supplies - to ensure the best use of energy thanks also to monitoring tools, to check invoices and costs and keep up to date with changes to legislation.



Integrated management of the supply: verification contracts, billing control, connection management, relationship with institutional bodies.

Our back office, expert in energy management and updated on all legal developments, will deal with connection management, handling relations with suppliers and all institutional organisations. Our IT systems are also one of our major strengths, because they are configured to map all performance requests, guaranteeing replies in established times and the traceability and processing of these requests.

Efficienza energetica


Measurement networks, Energy Audit complex, FER, management Titles Energy Efficiency.

We promote the rational use of energy, also through energy efficiency studies based on the profile of the company and its production site. Since 2014, when the Consortium was qualified as an ESCo – Energy Service Company – we have been assisting companies with the following activities:

  • Preparing certified energy audits; these audits are prepared according to UNI CEI 11352:2010 and UNICEI/TR11428:2011 and involve an in-depth and detailed investigation of the production site concerned, also based on in-situ measurements. The audit comprises several parts and namely: analysis of historical figures on use, a breakdown of use by production department, proposals for improvements;
  • Preparation of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs): EPCs are used to draft an energy saving project for the company;
  • Management of energy efficiency certificates (analytical, final data, CAR, etc.);
  • Assistance with statutory obligations vis-à-vis organisations, such as GSE, the state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources in Italy, Terna, the Italian grid operator for electricity transmission, the Customs’ Authorities and AAEGSi, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water;
  • Energy cost accounting reports, with the monitoring of main production lines and photovoltaic plants, in order to break down electricity costs per production department;
  • Assistance with feasibility studies for renewable energy plants;
  • Assistance with assessing energy quality (overvoltages, voltage losses, harmonics, etc.).

Our members and associates companies

  • We work for large and small consumers alike, that need a single partner for all their energy concerns and want prompt replies and solutions to the changes the energy market often brings about. We can partner companies with offices throughout Italy, we can be the central purchasing department for businesses that want to optimise energy, with savings on purchasing and commodity management.
  • We do business with companies that wish to delegate energy management to a qualified, certified operator, but still want the final say about purchasing.
  • We work with purchasing managers and, more in general, employees who deal with energy issues and people who want to find out how the market works and discover its opportunities.
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