How to join

Joining CEE Scrl is simple and has many advantages. Contact us for information on our services for companies.

Why join C.E.E. Scrl

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  • Through the Consortium, our companies can obtain bespoke services. Based on contract prices agreed on, companies that are Consortium members can receive monthly benchmarks of electricity and natural gas costs and use.
  • Through our web portal, they can monitor main supply parameters(consumption, capacity peaks, cos phi), compare their monthly and annual costs and find out about the trends of all cost components that are not supplier-dependent (fees and surcharges, dispatching, transport, excise duties, etc.). Members can also access a large amount of technical and administrative information from the web portal.
  • Our back office will provide immediate replies about requests to make to suppliers (control of invoices, payments, reminders, litigation, connection management issues, etc.).
  • We raise awareness of energy efficiency among our member companies on a continual base, with certified energy audits available.

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