We are Consorzio Esperienza Energia Scrl (CEE), one of Italy’s largest energy service company. Our offices are in Emilia area.


Our business is Energy Management, supporting our 800 members and associates- firms, cooperatives, public organisations and service companies - in selecting the best strategies for buying and procuring commodities and for pursuing energy efficiency.

We operate throughout Italy and in particular in the Emilia area where we are promoted by industrial associations and cooperatives (Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, Legacoop Bologna and Legacoop Estense).

Our Consortium was established in 1999, from a group of 40 companies selected by Confindustria Bologna to deal with the first liberalisation of the electricity market. We have grown since then, adapting to legal, regulatory and market developments and to companies that have stayed loyal and rely on us, which demonstrates the validity of our work.
Since 2003, we have also been represented by Legacoop Bologna and since 2015 by Confindustria Modena, Legacoop Modena and Unindustria Ferrara.

We currently serve 800 companies, of which 300 are Consortium members: we manage over 1.3 billion KWh of electricity and more than 150 million cubic metres of natural gas. Since 2014, we have been accredited as an ESCO – Energy Service Company – by GSE and have UNI CEI 11352:2014 and UNICEI/TR11428:2011 certification for the provision of energy efficiency services to all companies we represent, such as audits and the management of energy efficiency certificates.

Our services


We mainly deal with the purchase of electricity and natural gas. We do this through advanced strategies to manage procurement, also by directly accessing wholesale markets. This means that, on the basis of agreements with leading market operators, we can purchase electricity and natural gas directly on markets that are regulated or otherwise, call tenders to set up purchasing groups, and negotiate with suppliers of the free market to obtain the most beneficial conditions for our companies. This is done with communication that is as transparent as possible, so we routinely organise seminars, meetings and events for our members and associates, and promptly reply to all requests for information about electricity and natural gas management and achieving energy efficiency. Our organisation can also manage and deal with all issues concerning connection and control of invoicing and contracts. We are the perfect partner to settle disputes with suppliers, distributors and institutional organisations.
Through our web portal, we can assist companies in energy management, with the monitoring of main supply parameters. Data on consumption and invoices can also be downloaded from the portal, as well as reports on invoicing, monthly updated budgets, and more generally, information about market trends and sector regulations; plus visitors can also directly request our services. In the field of energy efficiency, we are certified as an ESCo (Energy Service Company), so we can conduct complex energy audits, manage energy efficiency certificates and prepare cost accounting reports. To sum up, we provide our members and associates with energy management services and although not a core business of these companies, energy management is a driver for being more efficient and competitive.

What it means energy efficiency

Energy efficiency means the ability to “do more using fewer resources". This is possible by using the best techniques and technologies available on the market and through a responsible use of energy. Being energy efficient means using energy rationally, eliminating waste and loss caused by the poor use and management of simple systems (engines, boilers, lamps) as well as complex ones (buildings, transport, etc.).
Why be energy efficient? Because the cost of energy procurement accounts for less than 40% of the taxable total. This means making savings through high-level purchasing is not sufficient to achieve a considerable difference in the invoice. Instead, being energy efficient means cutting down on use, for savings that are immediately and entirely visible in the invoice. That’s why being energy efficient is a key, strategic objective for us, because of the need to protect the environment (by lowering energy consumption) and the desire to boost the competitive edge of companies (by lowering production costs).

What it means energy management

Energy management is the rational and mindful management of energy. Energy management entails the analysis, monitoring and optimisation of the energy resources of businesses in a process based on a thorough knowledge of a company’s energy resources which leads to the proper management of energy use and consequent economic benefits. In more detail, for purchasing commodities, we use advanced methodologies that are always in line with reference markets; for reducing consumption, we suggest awareness measures to help a business understand how it uses energy, so it can select strategies that provide real economic benefits.

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Our certifications

Certificazione ESCo

In 2014, we obtained ESCo certification to UNI CEI 11352 and UNI CEI/TR 11428 certification for energy audits. As an ESCo, we are accredited with GSE - Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, as an operator of the Energy Efficiency Certificates market run by GME - Gestore dei Mercati Energetici.
This not only means we are officially recognised by relevant authorities as a provider of energy services to improve energy efficiency, but is also a further guarantee for our members and the companies we represent.

The promoting associations

We are promoted by industrial associations and cooperatives in the Emilia area - Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, Legacoop Bologna and Legacoop Estense - on the basis of which our Consortium was established. Thanks to these associations, which are entitled to appoint four members to the Board of CEE, the Consortium has grown and is still growing. This means we can work with major groups and have the chance to offer services to and guarantee opportunities for an ever increasing number of companies.