Frequent questions

If I change supplier, will I risk being without electricity or gas?

No There are safeguard markets to supply customers with energy who have not been assigned to any supplier, based on tariffs regulated by the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas. A meter can only be cut off if invoices are not paid.

Can I have a discount on the amount in the invoice which refers to dispatching, transport, distribution and system fees?

No These components are defined by ARERA, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water, based on decisions that may be consulted on the website The final beneficiaries of these components are Terna, the Italian grid operator for electricity transmission, the Distributor and the Compensation Fund for the Electrical Sector: the supplier in this case is only an intermediary and/or a withholding agent.

If I request a decrease in available capacity, will fixed costs in the invoice decrease?

Only to an available capacity of 33 kW. For greater available capacities, the component relative to capacity will vary each month, based on the maximum capacity peak during the month.

If I request two metres to be combined, are the relative available capacities added together?

No Two meters can be combined, if and only if they are for one building. The available capacity of the final meter must be selected from the available capacity of one of the two original meters.

Is reactive energy used invoiced based on an additional cost in the invoice?

Only if the reactive energy used is 50% higher than active energy used. To eliminate the penalty in the invoice, the power factor of equipment and/or the cabin can simply be corrected.

To install/open/close a meter, do I have to contact the area distributor (e.g.: Enel Distribuzione)?

No For requests to connect Low Voltage meters, you must contact your Consortium or Supplier; requests cannot be directly sent to the distributor. For medium voltage meters, you can contact the supplier or the distributor directly.

Is the supplier required to invoice based on the customer’s own meter readings?

No The supplier must invoice based on data sent by the distributor. Customer own meter readings may be used in the absence of official data, to avoid relying on estimates.

Can gas invoices be wrong because the invoiced price is different from the price defined in the contract?

Not always. The gas sale price indicated in the invoice is adjusted to the Gross Heating Value of the area for the period in question (this parameter measures the actual quality of natural gas delivered).

Can the Fixed Tariff (QF) for gas transport be negotiated with the supplier?

Partially. The unit amount of the QF is established by regulations. However the maximum booked capacity undertaking can be reviewed, with or without penalties for exceeding the capacity.